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Artificial Intelligence: Deep Learning


Camera technology is ever-changing. Moving from analogue to IP-connected cameras, introducing functions such as WDR and PTZ, and then making an ever-wider variety of devices to suit a constantly-evolving range of needs, the progress is undeniable. The next phase of this evolutionary path is the move to Artificial Intelligence and the myriad ways that it can enhance the operational capabilities of a camera network. An AI camera can be set to send an alert when an unrecognised person or object moves into a field of view, or if something goes missing from it. Analysis of video footage can assess patterns of movement in a crowded space, and alert security services in the case of anomalous behaviour. Deep Learning (DL) is a more advanced and sophisticated subset of Machine Learning. Based on an artificial neural network, DL algorithms demand far less human intervention making surveillance fail-proof.

Key Technologies

Trespassing detection at multiple levels

Loiter detection for anti-social elements

Supreme crowd detection with facial recognition

Advanced zone fencing for surveillance

Multiple user advantage for ease of use

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