Thermal Camera


Make the invisible visible with our infrared/thermal camera modules. A thermographic camera makes the electromagnetic spectrum visible and generates an image of its surroundings even in absolute darkness. With its help, the smallest temperature differences can be displayed and measured precisely without contact. Even the smallest temperature differences quickly become visible in detail. From security monitoring to industrial environments, construction to research and development, our thermographic cameras are built for versatility with their compact size and lightweight. And deliver outstanding image quality with accurate readings in any tough environment like no other model of their size.

Key Technologies

Very precise and highest spatial resolution worldwide with a high measuring accuracy

Capture large measurement areas with high resolution

Radiometric imaging in real time

Robust and durable with no maintenance for uncooled cameras

Detection of persons/objects that "stand out" in terms of temperature

Display of temperature differences from 0.1°C (3.4°F )

Screening via special TR windows or the complete sensor image

Temperature range from -40 to 550°C (-40 to 1022°F)

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